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Change is inevitable.

Rare is the business owner with too much free time. When change is constantly looming, it’s no easy task to continue running a business and concurrently give change management the attention it requires for long-term success. The implications of how change is managed are often unforeseen, far-reaching and long-lasting – and unfortunately these effects are often less about your good intentions and more often about employees’ perception and experience.

We can help you keep change management a priority by leveraging our years of experience and managing the legwork to support successful change within your organization and let you refocus your energy on the business of running your business. 




A Unique
Approach to Change

Organizational culture can be defined in many different ways but to us, it’s the result of every thought, feeling and experience employees associate with work, whether it’s during work hours or not, and the assumptions and actions they make as a result.

Culture is greater than the sum of its parts. It will continue to exist and evolve whether you nurture it or not.

Our proven culture-focused and data-driven approach to change management will help you effectively navigate the ever-evolving demands of change on your journey to continued success. 





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About the Founder

Sandy Castoro has over 15 years experience as an Organizational Psychololgist, Human Resources Practitioner and Strategic Business Consultant with specialties in organizational culture and change management. She founded PassionFruit Consulting in February, 2014.

Sandy serendipitously discovered the then-relatively new field of IO by attending a panel discussion moderated by an I/O Consultant. It was a classic case of love-at-first-panel!

Growing up on Long Island, Sandy’s dad owned a marina so she has caught many, many fish and the ocean will always feel like home. 

Between then and now, she’s traveled the world, met amazing people, admired thousands of sunsets, lived in beautiful cities and landed in Austin in 2009. Music makes her dance every day.

Sandy received her MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from San Francisco State University and her BA in Psychology from Marist College.




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