PassionFruit Consulting’s five core values intertwine the aspirations of both heart and mind

We leverage our combined experience and creativity to help you discover greater success.

We listen, we learn, we develop – together. Whatever the fruit of your passion might be, helping you achieve it is ours.


We wake up excited every day, looking forward to what the workday will bring. We see your success as own and will work diligently to ensure the best results possible. Our tireless hours and endless motivation have gotten us this far – and we won’t stop now! You can rest assured knowing that we are invested in your success 110%.


We know people and we know business. Our expert understanding of how strategic human resources, company culture and organizational development are intertwined will provide invaluable insights into the strategic growth and sustainable change initiatives we support. We innately strive to stay ahead of the curve on research, trends and compliance so that we are always able to offer exceptional levels of service and support.


We thrive by cultivating and fostering real relationships. We recognize that the most effective way to ensure collective success is by working closely with each client organization to fully understand their vision and deliver the most appropriate, well thought-out and sustainable plans for strategic organizational design.


All of our recommendations are based on data analysis, experience and the fundamentals of organizational design. We will always do our best to ensure complete clarity of our work, our processes and our operations.

Continuous Improvement

We are on a never-ending quest to learn, grow and improve. We welcome all feedback and encourage open communication to guide our projects and strengthen our relationships. Our dedication to learning and development continues to be the catalyst for our collective success.